Healing of the possessed blind and dumb


Today’s Gospel from Saint Matthew chapter12 about the miracle of healing a man who is insane, blind and mute.

It was said about Satan that He was a murderer from the beginning. That is his job. His characteristic is ruthless, so if someone falls into his hand, he will not be merciful.

The one who was presented to the LORD JESUS in the Gospel today, it was said about him “Mat 12:22 possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb” If someone loses his mind then he will be doing any unbelievable acts, and if he is blind things are even worse and if he is dumb, then what else is left for him.


JESUS and the Disciples fishing

The Gospel for today is from the Gospel according to St Luke chapter 5, and it talks to us about the fishing of a large number of fishes by the Disciples in the lake of Gennesaret.  There was by the lake 4 fishermen, Saint Peter and his brother Andrew. James and his brother John were cleaning and folding their nets after trying all night without catching a single fish and thus they were very depressed.  The LORD JESUS was by the lakeside surrounded by a great multitude of people who gathered around HIM to listen to the words of GOD.  The LORD JESUS showed HIMSELF to be in need for


Healing of the paralytic man lowered from the roof

The Gospel for today is about a very famous miracle performed by the LORD JESUS CHRIST and it was mentioned in 3 of the Gospels St Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Today’s Gospel is from St Mark talking about the LORD JESUS who was in Capernaum and it was heard that HE was in one of the houses.  The LORD JESUS was talking to the people.  When the LORD JESUS used to be in a place, the news spread quickly and the place gets crowded with people, as a matter a fact the house was very much crowded to the extent that even there was no space even around the door or the hallway.


The first Sunday of the month of Tout 2020

The first Sunday of the Coptic Year talks to us about the personality of St John the Baptist, why St John the Baptist?

He is a prophet who lived between the two periods of the Old Testament and the New Testament, and now we are in the beginning of a New Year.

The Feast of Nowruz is the feast of martyrs, and St John the Baptist is the last martyr of the Old Testament.

Saint John the Baptist testified that the LORD JESUS CHRIST was greater than a prophet and the greatest of women born. Why? Because no one called for repentance, as St John the Baptist called for until all Jerusalem went out to him.

Repentance in GOD’s eyes is the greatest work that a person can do. So this is our topic on the First Sunday of the New Year; Repentance.


The forgotten month

We are now in the last week of the of this year according to the Coptic calendar and GOD willing we will be celebrating the New Year on Friday 11th of September for the year 1737 Martyrs calendar.  We in the Coptic Church have our own calendar and it is called the Martyrs calendar and this started on the year 284 AD This was the year in which Emperor Diocletian took over the rule of the Roman Emperor and the most severe persecution began against the Coptic Church to the point that the Church took that year as a beginning to its calendar and called it the Martyrs Calendar.


End of the year and the Second coming


At the end of each Martyrs (Coptic) year the Church reminds us about what will happen at the end of days, so that we prepared at the time for the Second Coming, for this the Gospel of this Sunday and the following Sunday talks to us about the Second Coming of the LORD JESUS. Today’s Gospel is from the Gospel according to St Mark chapter 13. The second coming of the LORD JESUS CHRIST was mentioned in the 3 Gospels of St Matthew, Mark and Luke, as for Saint John, he was unique alone in the Book of Revelation with the events of the Second Coming. The Second Coming needs us to listen to the advice said by the LOTD JESUS (Mar 13:37) “ And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.” Staying awake and watching is important because the time when the LORD JESUS will come is unknown. HE shall be coming suddenly, suddenly, as a thief. And the word “watch,” which the LORD JESUS CHRIST demands of us, meaning to be prepared, means that you should be ready for the Second Coming. “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.”


How do we read the icon of the blessed Virgin Mary?

  1. The Virgin Mary is painted in the icon, sitting on the right-hand side of our Lord. ( The Queen is seated at the right-hand side of the king).
  2. The Virgin Mary is the mother of God ( The Theotokos). This is why the icon is often drawn with Virgin Mary holding our Lord Jesus.


People Questioned Jesus About Fasting

Today is the second Sunday of the fast of the Virgin lady St. Mary and the Gospel from Saint Luke, chapter 5 when some people Questioned Jesus About Fasting saying,
“John’s disciples often fast and pray, and so do the disciples of the Pharisees, but yours go on eating and drinking.” Jesus answered, “Can you make the friends of the bridegroom fast while he is with them? But the time will come when the bridegroom will be taken from them; in those days they will fast.” As you know this commanded was fulfilled when the bridegroom Jesus Christ ascended to heaven his disciples and all the churches started to fast.


The vineyard and the vine dressers

In the first Sunday of the month of Mesry, which always comes in the fast of our Lady the Virgin Mary, the Gospel is that of the parable of the vine and the vinedressers. What is the relation between the Virgin Mary and the Vine that makes the Church chooses the parable of the Vine and the Vinedressers to be the Gospel of the first Sunday of the fast of Saint Mary the Virgin Lady
The Vine symbolises three things:
The first is the LORD JESUS, the second is the Church and the third is our Lady the Virgin Mary.
The first is the LORD JESUS: ( John 15:1-6) “I am the True Vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser. “I am the Vine, you are the branches. “


About St Mary Fasting

صوم السيدة العذراء صامه آبائنا الرسل أنفسهم لما رجع توما الرسول من التبشير في الهند، فقد سألهم عن السيدة العذراء، قالوا له إنها قد ماتت.  فقال لهم “أريد أن أرى أين دفنتموها!”  وعندما ذهبوا إلى القبر لم يجدوا الجسد المبارك. فإبتدأ يحكى لهم أنه رأى الجسد صاعدا…  فصاموا 15 يومًا وبين لهم الرب ان جسد العذراء قد أصعده الرب للسماء ويسمى عيد تاكيد  إصعاد جسد العذراء للسماء وليس عيد صعود الجسد للسماء .  
This fast was fasted by our forefathers the Apostles themselves when St Tomas came back from his preaching journey in India.   When he came back he asked his fellow Apostles about the Virgin Lady, when they told him that she has passed then he asked to see the burial site.  When they reached the grave, they did not find the holy body, here he started telling them how he saw the holy body been lifted to the heavens……..so they fasted for 15 days asking the LORD to show them what has happened, then the LORD GOD showed them that the holy body was lifted to the heavens, and thus this feast is called the feast of the lifting of the body of the Virgin Lady and not the assent ion of the body to the heavens. Good News