Inherit Eternal Life

The Gospel of today in the Liturgy from St. Mark when the rich young man came to the LORD JESUS and asked HIM “Mar 10:17 Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?” HE told him that when you put the word in your heart the seed will yield fruit; the young man asked what the commandments are? The word of GOD is the seed of life when you put it in your heart it yields in you the fruits of the Eternal life, HE said to him don’t commit adultery, don’t steal, honour your father and mother……..the young man said that all these I have kept since my childhood, and this is exactly our situation. We attend the Church, listen to the word of GOD in the Church and at home and keeping it, the same as the young man, but this young man still felt that he is far from the Kingdom of GOD and this is why he came to ask the LORD what to do. I listen to the word of GOD and keeping it, so the seed is there in my heart, but I can’t feel the spiritual fruits in my life. What is the problem? The LORD JESUS said to him “Mar 10:21, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.” Your role is to sell all you have, the Holy Bible says “Mar 10:22 And he was sad at that saying and went away grieved: for he had great possessions.” So are the possessions the problem? No, the possessions are not the problem because there are many rich men who enjoyed the Kingdom of GOD and the word of GOD yielded fruits in their lives. The problem is not money, in the sense that the words of the LORD JESUS to the rich young man, not all the rich parish, or vice versa, all the poor go to the Heavens, of coerce not. Because we see our father Abraham, he was very rich, and Paradise was the bosom of our father Abraham, and we see Job, the richest in the East. The way to the Heavens do not mean the one goes and throw away all the money with him, and say this is the way to the Heavens. Then you ask me; why then the LORD JESUS said that to the young man? I tell you that there are commandments that you will not be able to implement except with money, for example, “Mat 6:20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” and “Luke 16:9 And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness;” You will not be able to fulfill the commandment unless you have money and treasure, So the subject is not the subject of money. The problem was this young man has an idol in his life, the thing that he was so much clinging to, and this was the money, The LORD JESUS said to him: The thing that your heart is attached to is t your disruption. Here, the LORD JESUS revealed to this young man, and the church used this in the Sundays of Kouahk that this is the corruption of human nature. The word of GOD is present, the word of GOD is alive and effective, and the word of GOD lies in the heart and bears fruit, and all the saints what made them saints were the word of GOD. What is the problem? The problem is our corrupted nature, and this will be resolved by the Incarnation.
What does the nature of our corruption mean? Each of us has one or more idols inside him, which is the void of the word that does not bear fruit. What is required is to know what idol I have inside me. What is wrong? For the young man it was money. It is Possible that money is no problem for me because originally I am poor and do not have money. But it is possible that my idol is something else. I hear the word of GOD and I have spiritual practices, but there is no change, the seed does not work, because my role is to know the idol, what is it? Okay; how can I know my idol? In a beautiful story about Jacob, he was a stranger with his uncle Laban, leaving his father is a symbol of man’s estrangement from our LORD, and our LORD began to move Jacob’s heart so that he would return to Bethel, the house of GOD – the house of his father the journey of repentance, the journey of the soul’s return. So Jacob gathered his family and said to them: Take away the strange gods from among you, we want to return back to the LORD GOD, we want to repent, we want the word of GOD to yield fruits in us. Remove the idols, the statues inside which was the obstacle. Where were the statues? Rachel was the beloved wife of Jacob’s heart; she stole the idol of her father Laban and them. Where is the idol? Where is the statue? Where is the corrupted part in us? Where is part of us which is hindering the word of GOD? The word of life bears fruit …. The beloved need of my heart. Rachel was a very precious thing to Jacob, So much so, that when he was going to meet Esau, he landed the children of the slave girl with Leah, and then the children of the slave-girl with Rachel, and the children of Leah landed Rachel at the end. If Esau hits 1 and 2, the important thing will leave to me in the end, Rachel, the one I love, but she is the one with the statue. Where are your hearts? His beloved, But it is the obstacle. This is the corruption in my nature that needs to be renewed, which necessitated that GOD incarnates in order for the word of life to bear fruit in my heart.
Let the spirit of our LORD consult in your heart about the only thing that is lacking in you, which is gripping your souls, and I am not happy with the kingdom. I recognize it and reject it. Step number -2- And I know that you have the possibility in CHRIST JESUS that we crush this one thing in CHRIST JESUS and be worthy of eternal life.
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