Parable of the Farmer

Today we are on the first Sunday of the month of Hatour. The first and second Sundays of Hatour is the season of cultivation in Egypt; they used to seed the seeds at the beginning of Hatour. The church arranged that these chapters should be read on the first and second Sunday, and our fathers, the leaders of the church, were keen to transmit the mind of man as he practices his normal life from the earthly to the heavenly bodies. All of them are farmers, and they are all planted, and Sunday is a holy day, and no one will work on it, so they go to Church where they hear these readings and thus their thoughts are changed from the handy work in the farm all the week to the heavenly thoughts.

Today’s Gospel is about the parable of the farmer, and it is a simple parable that peasants understand and all people understand. And our forefathers the Holy apostles asked the LORD JESUS after what HE has said in the parable. They said, we do not understand the parable, and we thank the LORD that they have asked the LORD JESUS because HE answered them with answers that we should stand to understand them.

HE said, “Luke 8:11 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.” The seeds which hold life in them yielding all these fruits is the word of GOD the LORD. If a person obtains the word of GOD, he takes it, considers it, assimilates it, and conceals it in his heart, then all the heavens will open before him. From where do we get this then? From the Holy Bible, for this the priest and before the reading of the Holy Bible in our beautiful Church says (blessed are your ears for listening to the Holy Gospel) that is because many Kings and Prophets wished to hear and listen to what you are hearing now, for this the spiritual sense is important, our inner ears. When you are listening to the Gospel your inner ears should be on their highest level of attention, because if I have missed the Gospel then I have missed everything.

If the Gospel does not enter inside me and the word of the LORD GOD did not go inside me doing its mysterious work on me, then who will reach the Kingdom of Heaven. The word of the LORD GOD Saint Paul describes as “Heb 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword”. The Gospel in our hands, and we hear it, and we read it, these words described by Saint Paul as alive, effective and clearer than every double-edged sword. Imagine the word of our LORD very very very sharp. You know the sword with which the necks are been chopped off with a single blow, the word of the Gospel is sharper than any sword. What does it do? It goes into the depths of the soul and the spinal cord reaching the brain. The Gospel enters deep inside, examines the depths of the soul, it enters very deep. What does it do? A living, effective word that changes the whole human being. This is the Gospel.

Look to the lives of all the saints. What are their lives? They are people who gave the greatest space in their hearts to the Gospel, so it entered with them. Who is Ava Anthony? Who is he? Which school did he go to or who was the teacher who taught him? A man, a peasant, entered the Church and heard the Bible. Ok, what happened? The Gospel entered into the depths of him and created from him this great spiritual man, the father of millions of monks. It is the Bible when a person takes him seriously. Well, we hear a lot, but the Holy Bible needs different ears it is the internal sense of hearing. When we read the Gospel, we kneel and submit and say with a loud voice, Blessed be HE who comes in the name of the LORD and we kneel down. This expresses acceptance in the church. Submission to the Gospel. When our father holds the good news, the one made from silver, that the four Gospels are present in, he puts it above his head from above, because the Bible is high. The Bible is overall. This Bible is above all ideas and above all theories in this world, “Act 5:29 We ought to obey God rather than men.” This is the Holy Bible. For this, the LORD JESUS told them if you don’t understand this parable then you will understand nothing, and this is why we read this Gospel once, twice, trice and many times. And the LORD JESUS CHRIST says there is a petrified land that will hear, but sold as a rock and the Gospel cannot enter into the depths. And there are shallow hearts where there is a small crust of dirt, but this did not come out, there is no root, and there are hearts in which there are thorns, the world, the vanity of the rich and the desires of this world, and this also can not yield fruits since the seeds are suffocated by these thorns. I care about those words said by the LORD JESUS about us about the good earth. In our hearts, we are the ones who must bear fruit by the grace of GOD, the fruit of the kingdom of GOD. If they planted wheat, wheat would rise. They planted apples then apples are yielded. The seed that we receive is the seed of the kingdom of GOD. The living word of GOD implants the crops of the kingdom of GOD. What fruit will grow up? The fruits of the Heavenly kingdom. .. If the Gospel is sown and encounters a land with a good, good heart, sweet and deep, and hides the Gospel in its midst, the fruits of the Kingdom of God will bear fruit. You see the fruits of the heavens while you are on the earth… Why is there no fruit in my life? – The Bible is good but did not get deep enough. Who shows the world the fruit of the kingdom of GOD, but you? Be fruitful; let the gospel bear fruit in you, let the Gospel be as Jacob when he blessed Joseph, he took him into his bosom and said “Gen 27:27 And he came near, and kissed him: and he smelled the smell of his raiment, and blessed him, and said, See, the smell of my son is as the smell of a field which the LORD hath blessed” Let our LORD embrace you and say so and so, I blessed him, and the field with his heart is fruitful with the fruits of the Kingdom of GOD. Of course, you know the fruit, rejoice, and the field of shrubs, which is not producing anything grieves the heart, is far from you. Rejoice our LORD with the fruit of the Kingdom. Let the Bible be alive in us, live as it is entitled to the call to which we were called. Let the living and effective word that is sharper than every double-edged sword enters into you and bears fruit to the LORD who has all glory forever. Good News