The borne blind

We arrived today for the seventh Sunday of the Great Fast and The Gospel for today is about the man who was borne blind, the Gospel of St John.
The story is well known. A man who was borne blind and when the LORD JESUS put some mud over his eyes and asked him to go and wash in the lake of Siloam, he did and came back fully sighted.
He came back fully sighted means that he could see.
In the book of Revelation “Rev 3:18 And anoint your eyes with eye salve, so that you may see.”
If you want to see then anoint your eyes with eye salve, means use the eye drops. Anyone who is blind uses eye drops to be cured and can see again, the Gospel (the word of GOD) is the eye salve.
For this HE taught us and said “Mat & Luke 4:4 “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”God
Every Word can do miracles, one single verse can change the life of a man, and the borne blind became sighted by the Word of GOD.
But the LORD JESUS gave him a task that needs some effort “go and wash”, HE was able to cure him there and then, but HE wanted him to have a part, to do something.
Our lives can be much better than what it is now, our problems can be all salved very easily, if the Bible grows more in our life’s, so our role is to treasure the Word of GOD, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, psalm by psalm our life changes. The saints became sanctified by the Word of GOD.
Of course the Word of GOD can make changes, the borne blind man was able to see by the Word of GOD, but, the matter needs (go—-wash), you have to do something, when the borne blind man obeyed the advice he became sighted. Good News