The Fifth Sunday of the Fifty

This Sunday is the fifth Sunday of the Holy Fifty days and in it the LORD JESUS announces HIMSELF as the way for the life (John 14). The journey we started 5 weeks ago is about to end and the Church is now preparing us for the Holy Ascension so that the LORDD JESUS takes us with HIM to the Eternal Kingdom. Where is this Eternal Kingdom?  In MY FATHER’S house where we shall reside with HIM. Today the LORD JESUS, the Way, is telling us know where we are going to, you are going to the Heaven and know that in the House of MY FATHER are many mansions.   In Jerusalem on Easter, were very many people attending, the houses were being rented according to their proximity to the Temple. There are houses close to the temple and other houses far from the temple, and we in the Eternal Life we shall be the same where there are many houses.  Our LORD JESUS went to prepare the house for us, we were prevented from entering but we must enter through HIM, HE entered and wants HIS children to enter with HIM. But how? HE says to us “John 14:6 I am the way.” Just follow ME. Constantly review your steps according to HIS steps, make my life as YOUR life, and Oh LORD show me the way to follow.  The one who follows this Way ends by the Eternal gory, because this is the will of LORD JESUS with our lives, to be with HIM in the eternal Glory. So that we deserve the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT. Good News