Healing of the possessed blind and dumb


Today’s Gospel from Saint Matthew chapter12 about the miracle of healing a man who is insane, blind and mute.

It was said about Satan that He was a murderer from the beginning. That is his job. His characteristic is ruthless, so if someone falls into his hand, he will not be merciful.

The one who was presented to the LORD JESUS in the Gospel today, it was said about him “Mat 12:22 possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb” If someone loses his mind then he will be doing any unbelievable acts, and if he is blind things are even worse and if he is dumb, then what else is left for him.

When you are in the house of our LORD and hear the commandments and do not work with them. You are a person who cannot hear. You have ears but you don’t hear. Because of that, our LORD many times says: “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” We all have ears, but not all of us hear.

Eyes that see people’s mistakes and monitor their mistakes can never be the eyes of a one who sees. The LORD JESUS is telling us today “Mat 7:1 Judge not.” The person who sees people’s mistakes and condemns them is short-sighted. If your eyes monitor the mistakes of people and their mistakes, today run to the LORD JESUS CHRIST and say to HIM, the same way YOU have healed the blind, YOU have to heal me. The miracle the LORD JESUS has done 21 centuries ago; HE wants to do it again for me today.

If our tongues transmit words on the phones, in the ears, and from place to place, and have no praising to our LORD, then we are dumb. So we must pray and ask our LORD and say “O LORD may the words of my mouth and the thought of my heart shall be pleasing to you at all times”

Who is crazy? The crazy person is the one who does not have a mind. Who is the person who does not have a mind? He who does not think the thought of CHRIST. Whoever thinks through the thoughts of Christ is a sane person. why? All his thinking is correct. His view of the earth is that he is a stranger, lives for two days, and goes away, and says with CHRIST is my kingdom, not of this world. This is a sane person. We must think about every commandment that the LORD CHRIST has said, and every commandment that HE taught, we must fulfill every advice that the LORD JESUS said we must implement.

When our LORD JESUS CHRIST performs a miracle, HE does not do it because HE can show us HIS power, and we know who HE is, but in every miracle, we learn lessons. HE is delivering a massage behind the miracle.; HE is enlightening our eyes. Good News