The fourth Sunday of the Holy fifty

Today is the forth Sunday of the Holy Fifty days, in general they are seven weeks resembling a journey from the Earth to the Heavens. In a summary, the beginning of the journey needs faith and belief since no one starts a journey if he is not convinced with it, so the First week is the week of Faith, in it we read the Gospel talking about St Tomas and we call this Sunday St Tomas’s Sunday. The Second Sunday talks to us about the Bread of Life. Every journey needs food and the bread we take with us for this journey is not earthly bread but heavenly Bread which is the Holy Communion. The Third Sunday (last Sunday) talks to us about the Woman from Samaria and about that whoever drinks from water of life shall never go thirsty again. So; the things we need for the journey are Faith, Bread and Water, those are the first three Sundays. The journey needs light so that the one sees the way and don’t get lost and loses the way in the darkness. Today we will see the Holy Bible talking to us about the Light “John 12:35 Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while you have the light”. Faith, Bread, Water and Light. The coming Sunday talks to us about the Path, to go in a journey you should know the way. The Fifth Sunday tells us about the Ascension since it is a journey to the Heavens. The Sixth Sunday talks to you about the coming of the Holy Spirit (the Feast of Pentecost). Faith – Bread – Water – Light – Path – Ascension – The Holy Spirit. A journey from the Earth to the Heavens, today we talk about the Light. HE says: “Walk while ye have the light”. The one needs the light greatly in his life, the darkness looses you the way, darkness makes the one feels as if he is blind. Do you know what makes us see, it is not the eyes but the light. We all have eyes and thanks to GOD we can see, but if it is dark, still with our eyes widely open, we will not be able to see anything, so; seeing is the reflection of the light on our eyes, and so to see there must there be light. “Walk while ye have the light”: I shall tell you about 3 things that lights up the path for you: the LORD JESUS, the Commandment and the Church. Do you want to live in the Light? The first thing is the LORD JESUS. 1- The LORD JESUS is the Light, HE says (John 8:12) “I am the light of the world”. When the LORD JESUS CHEIST incarnated and came to the World, HE came to light up and to show us the way, HE came so that we follow HIM, HE is the light and we walk after HIM. HE is the light and we walk after the light, leaving us an example so that follow HIS steps. For this he who is living the LORD JESUS is never confused since the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the Light for him, the true light that shines for every human who comes into the world. “Walk while ye have the light”. The journey needs light and the first and only light is the LORD JESUS. Ask the LORD JESUS constantly. Are you living and following in HIS qualities, HIS perfection, HIS personality and HIS character. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the Light. 2- The second thing is the Commandment: do you want to live in the Light; then follow the Holy Bible. The King and Prophet David say (Psalm 119:105) “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” YOUR words is the light in my path which I follow, The word of our LORD guides, the word of our LORD enlightens, open the holy Bible and read. In the Monastery they never asked us how many chapters have you read, but the used to ask us how long have you stayed with the Holy Bible? The longer you spend with the Bible the fuller your heart shall be and the more your mind shall be enlightened, and there will be no more darkness. “the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.” How did we come to know the LORD JESUS; through the Holy Bible…..I am a sinner, then how do I know that HE can forgive me? I saw HIM with the woman caught in the act and with the woman from Samaria and so I knew that I am welcomed in HIM, all this from the Holy Bible. From where we came to know that the LORD GOD is kind and sympathetic? We saw HIM with HIS people in the Old Testament guiding them in the night by a pillar of fire and in the morning by a pillar of clouds. The LORD is guiding us. Number 2 the commandment. You want your life to enlighten, let the commandment have a space in your life. Read the Holy Bible. Enter the Word in your life, hide it in your heart, and live by it, then you shall find that your life converges and becomes meaningful again. One is the LORD JESUS, 2- the Commandment and 3- and the last is the Church. You want your life to enlighten. Stay as much as you can in the Church. Every time the priest opens the cover of the Temple, consider that the door of heaven was opened before you, because every time the priest opens the temple he says: Have mercy on us, GOD, the controller of all, because the veil is the door of heaven that opens before us, and it is only opened through mercy. You see the convergence of the Heavens open before you and see the LORD JESUS sitting on the throne. You see the incense with the prayers of the saints raised to the top, the deacons praising – angelic praises. What is does this do with you? Enlighten life. You come in with all your depressions and sadness and goes out joyful and happy. I remember once a young man came to the Church to confess, there was a long queue in front of him and this means that he will have to wait for two hours at least, I saw him coming in nervous and sad and I know him, he is a good Deacon, so I said to him; my son, go inside and attend a part of the praising and then come, he agreed and went inside to attend the praising. He went in and was delayed, attending the praising, for a long time and to be honest I even forgot about him, at around 11 o’clock he came back calm, happy and smiling, he came and greeted me and said remember me in your prayers my dear father, GOD bless you, I am quite alright now. When he attended the praising he became alright, the praising is a cure for the sole. Come to the Church, sad and unhappy, and you get out happy. What has happened? The Light came into you, there is a grace that came to you, the LORD JESUS spoke to you and you were granted a grace and a blessing. So if you want to live in the Light hold tight to the 3 things mentioned. Keep the LORD JESUS continuously in your life and HE shall light up your way. Read a lot in the Holy Bible, be satisfied with it and it shall guide you and enlighten your way. Attend the Church regularly and the Holy Sacraments, you shall be nourished and strengthened in the journey. Okay then, what is this path or way you are talking about? This is what the Church will show us in the sixth Sunday through the words of the LORD JESUS when HE says (John 14:6) Jesus say, “I am the way.” Good News