Privacy Policy

Who owns the website?
This website is owned by the St Anthony Coptic Church in Rotherham.
Do we collect information about you?
While we don’t collect information about you just by visiting the website, third parties e.g. facebook and youtube can collect information about you in the form of cookies (and other tools) that are needed for the appropriate function of their websites.
We do however collect information about you if you are sent a link for a survey. These surveys are usually sent to the members of the church e.g. quizes. The website usually does not have links to these surveys although they can be accessed publicly if you have the link for them. We use google forms to collect infomation about the name of the person undertaking the quiz/survey and the name of the quiz. Google forms may collect infomation about you e.g. your IP address.
For detailed information about how the church handles your data (collected in any form), please click on the link below
Data Privacy Policy SMSB 
Any questions?
If you have any questions, please contact us on