Prepare for Great Lent

I have good news. Tomorrow we start the Great Lent. We are glad that the Lent is about to begin and off course you know that this Lent is the greatest of all fasts, our fathers used to consider it “The storing season. So please, don’t let the fast end without storing some spiritual stock that could benefit you far the entire year.
Why I fast?
The reason for the fast is to declare that my life is by God not by the Jesus said “Man, shall not live by bread only, but by every world that comes from the mouth of God”. and when the devil fights man; he fights him through his physical needs. Thus the first test that man failed to pass was when the devil tempted him to eat from the fruit that God told him not to eat. And the devil fights people by the same way till our day today, he tempts them during the fast to eat and stop fasting but we have to win our fight with the devil and declare our obedience to Jesus Christ and our unity with him because He was the first to fast this fasting. So when we fast we share with Jesus His fast as well.
I need a very simple training in this Lent, I will call it: Dispensing all what is unnecessary.
Look for something that is unnecessary for you and spare it. It might be something that you got used to do, but if you left it you are not going to be harmed. for example: someone may have got used to watch T.V. a lot, he could stop this during the fast telling himself that it’s unnecessary.
May be others stay or 5 or 6 hours on Facebook, during fasting. I could tell myself that half an hour is quite enough, staying away from the media for a while wouldn’t harm me.
Someone else might be used to talk on the phone for long times, so during fasting he could put his phone on offline mode more and opens it for short periods to take the important calls and finishes fast then turns it. Offline again, as if the phone too is fasting. Anything I feel that it is unnecessary for my life and that I can live without it, I should dispense it. Then I will be saving more time and I will find out that I had a lot of time and I wasted it on useless stuff. Then I could benefit this time I saved; for the students, they could spend it studying, for the servants, they could more services. I could use it for reading and studying the Holy Bible or doing spiritual activities.
I could benefit from it by improving relationships with people whom I haven’t been asking about for a long times and starts communicating more and serving people. Then in this situation, the fast is not just changing the kind of food we eat or its timing but we changed some bad habits we used to do.
A blessed year to all of you, and hope this fast would be a blessing to everyone and every house. Amen. Good News