Parable of the Farmer

Today’s Gospel is about one of the parables of the LORD JESUS, it is the parable of the farmer who went out to sow his field. This parable was mentioned in the three gospels, St Mathew, Mark and Luke, it is a very simple parable but has got very deep meaning.

This parable talks about all those who hear the word of the LORD GOD. The farmer is the same farmer and the seeds are also the same seeds, but with some people it yielded fruits and with the others it did not, that is because it depends on the soil into which the seeds had been sown, this is the main aim of the parable.

We want to talk about three topics: The Farmer, the Seeds and the different types of Soil.

First: The Seeds which is the words of the LORD GOD.

Second: The Farmer: The Farmer is the LORD JESUS himself and also can be one of HIS servants who are sowing or seeding the seeds which are the word of the LORD GOD, some people might accept it and some others might not.

So cultivate the word of the LORD GOD, spread the word of the LORD GOD. You might not be a servant in the Church, but you can send a link to your friend or a massage through the social media (e mail, viper WhatsApp…….) Sow the seeds which are the words of the LORD GOD into the hearts of people, all the people.

There are 4 different types of soil:

1- Seeds on the path way: the path way means the road, a path stepped over by everyone, this means that the seeds fall on the surface and did not go into the heart and so the devil comes and picks them up and fly away.

2- Seeds on a rocky soil: The LORD JESUS said about this type that they accept the Words with joy but as soon as there is any hardships or persecutions they go back to as they were before, because they has no deep roots and so they dry up.

3- Seeds in the midst of the thorns: The thorns are the worries and pleasures of this life, although they hear the Word and accept it but then it is choked. Just as the rich young man who observed all the commandments since his youth but he went back in grieve.

4- Seeds on the good soil:

This is the soil ready to accept the seeds, a soil free of thorns and if it finds a single growing thorn, it quickly plucks it off so it will not grow and chocks the plant, it is a soil with depth in it allowing the roots to grow deeper and deeper resulting in tall strong trees no winds can break it.
I wish our soil is nether rocky or with thorns, but good fertile soil not only yielding 30 or 60 folds but 100 folds. Amen