Miracle of bringing back to life the son of if the widow of Nain


The Gospel of Saint Luke today, chapter 7, speaks to us about the miracle of raising the son of the widow of Nain, and Nain is a city and its meaning is pleasure, but unfortunately, the name does not apply to the status of the city. Our LORD JESUS entered the city of Nain, which is a pleasure, but HE found a funeral procession, far from you. And the funeral was for the only son for his mother, who is a widow. A woman, her husband, died years ago, and her only son has now also died. A difficult situation, no one can feel it except the one who lives it. All doors closed in front of her and so she is wishing for nothing but to die because her life partner has left her and her only son is now on the way to the cemetery……. The whole world blackened in front of her. Who is the one who came with a light, the one who wipes tears, no one but the person of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. He is yours and you are mine. The first word HE said to her was (Luke 7:13)”Do not weep.”.” How came that she could not weep when she is a widow and now her only son, the candle of her life is now extinguished, the son in whom she sees the picture of his lost father is now also dead.

We notice that the woman did not ask HIM that HE would save her from tribulation and did not ask HIM to raise her son from death, and no one of the people asked HIM, but the LORD JESUS CHRIST wanted to show them that HE is the resurrection and the life. The Holy Bible says (Luke 7:13 – 15) “And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said to her, “Do not weep.” Then he came up and touched the bier, and the bearers stood still. And he said, “Young man, I say to you, arise.” And the dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother

It is not just a story or a miracle, but it is my story and your story, “Rom 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning,”

This dead young man—a dead man in his coffin, but who was leading him? His fellow friends, he is dead and they were walking him in his way to the eternal darkness. If you lost all your capabilities, you have a name that you are alive while you are dead, and there are people who are leading you, you have lost all your capabilities and all your will, the only solution is that you ask our LORD, the same way YOU touched the coffin and the bearers stopped, then touch the coffin of my life. Our LORD, when HE touches a person, even if he is dead in will, all things change. (Luke 7:14) “And he came and touched the bier,” this reminds me of (Gen 1:2) “Now the earth was formless and empty”, The land was desolate, and our LORD touched it with one word, (Gen 1:3) “ And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” let it be life and there was life, let there be fruits and there were fruits, let there be grace and there was grace. The moment our LORD touches a person even through one word, all things change. HE changes you completely. There are many lands desolate and empty; Saint Moses the Black did not know our LORD. He was someone in the coffin, and the people were the one who walked him, and they kept leading him. Fornication walked him wherever he wants; stealing walked him wherever he wants. Sin was leading him from a road to the other until one day He said, O GOD, who I do not know; I want YOU to teach me about YOURSELF. Our LORD touched the life of Moses the black, and the black Moses transformed from strong in evil to strong in good deeds and became the strong saint Ava Moses the Black.

When the LORD JESUS CHRIST stopped the funeral procession, all the people were surprised at who was the one who stopped a funeral? You have never heard in your life, but you will never hear that someone goes to a funeral and stops the procession.. All people want to finish the job. Everyone in the procession thought or felt for sure that there must be a reason for this action. Did this young man owe a debt and this man came to claim his debts? Or there is an old problem between him and this young man and he came to ask his forgiveness? The LORD JESUS answered them all. I am not coming to take debts. I am paying off debts. Debts from his father Adam, who made mistakes in the Garden of Eden, and I also came to say to the young man these two words, the words that I am saying to the people and to the scribes, to the Pharisees, to the living. No one ever listened, so this time I came to say the same words to the dead man. (Luke 7:14) “ Young man, I say to you, arise.”.” , so the dead will hear MY words, and he will teach lessons for all the people who will not listen to MY words from scribes, Pharisees, heads of people and all of them. “.Young man, I say to you, arise.” ” was a lesson for all the people who heard HIS words, even we who are today in the church “Young man, I say to you, arise.”.” these word are for you and for me. The living cannot hear his words, but the dead heard the words of our LORD, so the dead arose and were a lesson for all.

when the LORD JESUS called that young man with this joyful call “Luke 7:14 Young man, I say to you, Arise!” What has happened to the young man? “Luke 7:15 And the one who was dead sat up and began to speak. And He delivered him to his mother.”

Sat up spoke and was delivered to his mother.

1-​Sat up: the situation has changed from a dead man carried over the shoulders to a man with a will, sitting up, sitting with the LORD GOD at HIS feet, he has a new life and a new will.

2-​Spoke: speaking is the communication with the LORD GOD “Psalm 45:1 My heart is overflowing with a good matter; I speak of my works to the King; my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” If you get a new life your situation changes and you start to have a dialogue and a companionship with the LORD GOD.

3-​3- Lastly HE delivered him to his mother: the Church is the mother, just like the baby who goes to his mother to be fed, the faithful is fed by the Church through its Holy Sacraments.

4-​The loving LORD JESUS approaches everyone who is in pain or sorrow; HE is calling for everyone who is dead to give him Eternal life.
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