Healing of the paralytic man lowered from the roof

The Gospel for today is about a very famous miracle performed by the LORD JESUS CHRIST and it was mentioned in 3 of the Gospels St Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Today’s Gospel is from St Mark talking about the LORD JESUS who was in Capernaum and it was heard that HE was in one of the houses.  The LORD JESUS was talking to the people.  When the LORD JESUS used to be in a place, the news spread quickly and the place gets crowded with people, as a matter a fact the house was very much crowded to the extent that even there was no space even around the door or the hallway.  
There was a paralyzed person who was unable to move. His friends carried to bring him to the LORD JESUS, and they did not know how to get the paralytic man to the LORD JESUS. What did they do?  They went around the house, climbed the back stairs, reached the ceiling, and estimated where the LORD JESUS would be, and uncovered the ceiling over this place and lowered the paralyzed man in front of the LORD JESUS. What a mighty faith this is. If I were one of the four, I would have come to the door and did not know how to go in, I will say I did my part; I will not go back … I will wait by the door for the LORD JESUS when HE is coming out. But pry through the roof. This is the last idea, and maybe would never have crossed my mind.  Tearing the roof was not an easy process.  The objection of the owner of the house was not cared for, nor was the objection of those present, all of this laid aside. They had one goal: how to bring this person and place him before the LORD CHRIST. What mighty faith this????
Those four are giants … they did a very powerful work no person can only think about except he has such a faith in his heart. It is the faith of these four that moved the LORD JESUS CHRIST. When the LORD JESUS saw their faith, HE said to the paralytic) Mar 2:5) “Son, you have forgiveness for your sins.”
Your sins are forgiven, a beautiful word and comfort for every person paralyzed with sin, but it was a problem for those who came to criticize and prey on the LORD JESUS. The Scribes? Who are the scribes? They are the ones who copied the law, and as soon as the LORD JESUS said: Your sins are forgiven you. They said among themselves that HE is blasphemous, how can HE say your sins are forgiven and there is no one who forgives sins except the LORD GOD alone? The LORD JESUS used their words. HE said it means you know that there is no one who can forgive sins except GOD. I shall prove to you that I am GOD, (Mar 2:9) “ Which is the simpler, to say to a man who is ill, You have forgiveness for your sins, or, Get up, take up your bed, and go?”
what do you think is easier? The easiest is to say, your sins are forgiven, or to says, take up your bed and walk. I say to someone that your sins are forgiven, no one knows the sin has been forgiven or not. There is no proof, there is no evidence. On the one hand, it is easy to say that your sins are forgiven, and on the one hand it is difficult if it is not proven that he is the Almighty and has authority. 
(Mar 2:10 -11) “But so that you may see that the Son of man has authority for the forgiveness of sins on earth, (he said to the man,) I say to you, Get up, take up your bed, and go to your house. 
The man got up… and carried the bed and walked on his feet to his house. The LORD JESUS proved to them HIS divinity and that HE is the forgiver of all sins and the cure for all diseases, and there is nothing impossible for HIM. Good News.