Feast of the HOLY SPIRIT

  Today is a great feast in the Church, which is the end of the fifty holy days and the dissention of the HOLY SPIRIT upon the Apostles on this day. It is considered the birthday of the Church because the Church was established on this day. Our LORD chooses the fiftieth day because the number 50 expresses eternity, we have time 7 weeks 49 days to complete time. Today, the fiftieth day means the beginning of the time. The LORD JESUS sent us the HOLY SPIRIT to enter us into the experience of eternity, and it was 50 days after the Resurrection of the LORD JESUS, and for the Jews it was 50 days after the feast of the Pass Over. The Jews also had a fest on this 50th day known as the feast of the weeks or the feast of the Harvest. This was one of 3 feasts when the Jews were obliged to be in Jerusalem to offer worship and prayer. Easter, the Feast of Weeks and the Day of Atonement. The Atonement for us is the Good Friday, the Easter is the Feast of the Resurrection and the feast of the weeks is for us the Feast of Pentecost. In practical the story of Salvation is not complete except by these three events, meaning that; it is not only the Cross that has saved us, but the Cross must be completed by the Resurrection. That is because if the Cross was without Resurrection then the LORD JESUS is dead, and the dead cannot save, so the Resurrection represents that the LORD JESUS is living, and if the LORD JESUS after the Resurrection has not ascended to the Heavens then the salvation is incomplete. This is because the salvation has two aims or goals and those are we enter the Heavens, and the LORD JESUS entered the Heavens before us and for us, and after that it is complete that HE sends us the HOLY SPIRIT to convey to us the effects of salvation. This HOLY SPIRIT about which the LORD JESUS said “John 16:14 He shall glorify me”, but how can the HOLY SPIRIT glorifies the SON? HE said “Jon 16: 14 for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.” For this day is a great day for the Church, a great Feast. In the Gospel of today the LORD JESUS gave very important information’s about the HOLY SPIRIT. +- (John 15:26 proceeded from the Father,) this is the bit of information from which we deducted our theological rule that the SON is borne and the HOLY SPIRIT is proceeded. HE also said about HIM “John 15:16 he shall testify of me”. This means that no one can know the LORD JESUS except by the help of the HOLY SPIRIT “1Co 12: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.” We thank the LORD GOD that we were given this grace since our childhood when we were Baptized and granted the HOLY SPIIT through the anointment of the Holy Mayroun. The non believers have a chance that the HOLY SPIRIT teaches them and attracts them to the faith. The difference is that the HOLY SPIRIT lives and dwells inside us, but in the non believers HE works on them from the outside, HE knocks on his door asking him to say that the LORD JESUS is GOD but he refuses and says that this in blasphemy, the SPIRIT leaves him and comes back after a while with the same massage, but he still refuses, this can be repeated many times……but if this person opens his heart and seeks to know how is JESUS is the LORD GOD then the HOLY SPIRIT shall teach and lead him to faith. Then the LORD JESUS said about the HOLY SPIRIT “John 16:8 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment”. The HOLY SPIRIT reproves the World for sin because they did not believe in the LORD JESUS, WHO is the vaccine for the forgiveness of sins. The HOLY SPIRIT Reproves the World for righteousness because they don’t want to come and take their righteousness. The HOLY SPIRIT Reprove the World for judgement because they are attached to the devil that was found guilty and it is worthless to be attached to him. Our LORD blesses your life and brings you back the days with all blessing and goodness. Don’t forget that tomorrow will begin the fast of the holy Apostles the fathers. Good News