About St Mary Fasting

صوم السيدة العذراء صامه آبائنا الرسل أنفسهم لما رجع توما الرسول من التبشير في الهند، فقد سألهم عن السيدة العذراء، قالوا له إنها قد ماتت.  فقال لهم “أريد أن أرى أين دفنتموها!”  وعندما ذهبوا إلى القبر لم يجدوا الجسد المبارك. فإبتدأ يحكى لهم أنه رأى الجسد صاعدا…  فصاموا 15 يومًا وبين لهم الرب ان جسد العذراء قد أصعده الرب للسماء ويسمى عيد تاكيد  إصعاد جسد العذراء للسماء وليس عيد صعود الجسد للسماء .  
This fast was fasted by our forefathers the Apostles themselves when St Tomas came back from his preaching journey in India.   When he came back he asked his fellow Apostles about the Virgin Lady, when they told him that she has passed then he asked to see the burial site.  When they reached the grave, they did not find the holy body, here he started telling them how he saw the holy body been lifted to the heavens……..so they fasted for 15 days asking the LORD to show them what has happened, then the LORD GOD showed them that the holy body was lifted to the heavens, and thus this feast is called the feast of the lifting of the body of the Virgin Lady and not the assent ion of the body to the heavens. Good News