Jonah’s Fast


Tomorrow starts the fast of Nineveh; The fast of Nineveh is for 3 days, and theses 3 days gives us 3 lessons resembling the spiritual life.  If you want to go right and live right and to have your life acceptable to the LORD JESUS, then listen to the 3 lessons and live them not only during the fasting period but throughout your life.
First lesson: Fear.
Second lesson: Obedience.
Third lesson: Repentance.
The fear of GOD in the heart means that GOD is always there in your thoughts.
Jonah did not have the fear of GOD in his heart and so instead of going to the city of Nineveh he went in the opposite direction to Tarshish, even more he went down into the hold of the ship and the Book says that he was fast asleep “Jon 1:5 ” If he had the fear of GOD in his heart he would not have escaped. The sea was wild and the ship was sinking, the sailors said in between themselves that this storm is because of one among us.  Everyone was crying for his god except Jonah who was fast asleep, when they awakened him up from his sleep and asked him to pray for his GOD for rescue, they casted lots several times and in every time it chose Jonah and when they threw him over in the sea, it calmed and went back to normal.  The Bible says then “Jon 1:16 Then the men feared Jehovah exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice to Jehovah, and vowed vows.”
The fear in their hearts started to wake up and they felt that they are in front a Mighty GOD the creator of heaven and earth.
During this fast pray to GOD to fill your heart with HIS fear.
The second lesson is the Obedience:
Jonah grumbled and went against the will of GOD and was thrown into the wild sea, but GOD prepares a whale to swim towards the ship in the midst of this wild turbid sea, GOD asked the whale to be there and wait for a present from HIM.  In the moment the sailors threw Jonah over the whale opens it mouth and swallows Jonah to keep him safe inside his belly for three days, the whale became a moving Church.  I want you to imagine what would have happened to Jonah if this whale was late a single second and where he would have been.  The whale was more obedient to GOD than the prophet Jonah who was not obedient.  Do you have this obedience in your heart or you are living according to your wishes and wills.
The second lesson is the obedience, and when you read in the book of Jonah during these three days of fasting, look into your heart for the obedience and ask GOD to put into your heart the fear first and second the obedience for HIM.
The third lesson: the Repentance.
Jonah spends three days in the belly of the whale and then the whale spits him out.  Jonah runs towards the city of Nineveh and tells them that “Jon 3:4 Nineveh shall be overthrown!”  When the people of Nineveh the DEVINE massage, all of them including their king, children and even the animals presented the greatest act of repentance in the history.  All of them rushed to wear sackcloth, and sat in ashes, fasting and praying, the whole city presented repentance.
During the fast our lives must change, and we cannot repent except we have lived first the Fear of God and the Obedience to God.
Make this fast fill your life with the spirit of Fear, the spirit of Obedience and the spirit of Repentance. May our fast be accepted by the LORD. Good News